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Alzheimer’s resources for caregivers, friends and family members

Below are links to Alzheimer’s resources for caregivers, friends and family members of a person diagnosed with dementia. PBS -The Forgetting 101 Things To Do with a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer Forum – AD research news Alzheimer Solutions -A website containing articles, discussions on research, links to drug information, legal resources, research journals, & more. AlzOnline Alzheimer’s caregiver...

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Alzheimer’s Disease Stages Are Complicated

It is the responsibility of each and every individual and well as others around him / her to be aware of dementia. It is one condition that lead to the loss of memory. The Alzheimer’s disease is one of the many varieties of dementia. In such a situation, the patient suffers a great loss in his / her intellectual ability. The various Alzheimer’s disease stages gradually and slowly affects the normal, daily activities of the patient. The...

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Know the Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

Over the years, scientists have not really understood completely the causes of Alzheimer’s disease. In most of the cases, there is no one single reason behind this disease; but several factors, which affect different persons differently. The age of the person plays perhaps the most important risk factor of this dreaded illness. The number of people getting affected with the diseases, tend to double with every five years. People who are...

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Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention – Nothing Better Than That

Today with the ever increasing complexities of the lifestyle, people are getting affected with various diseases which are taking a toll on their lives. The worst part of these diseases is that most of these are terminal ailments which slow-poison the patient and ultimately take their lives. Physical ailments can still be cured. But, symptoms of mental illnesses are very difficult to detect. One such mental disease is Alzheimer’s disease....

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Common Warning Signs of Stress Build-up

Common Warning Signs of Stress Build-up • Increased irritability • Difficulty sleeping, awakening early, or excessive sleeping • Loss of energy or zest for life • Becoming increasingly isolated • Feeling out of control, engaging in uncharacteristic actions or emotions (crying a lot, becoming shrill, focusing on petty things) • Drinking too many caffeinated beverages or relying too much on nicotine and alcohol, sleeping pills and...

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